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日本語(にほんご) Resources

These are resources that I am using or have created while starting to learn Japanese.

Viewing this website

A few kanji have been introduced in class as useful to recognise. Where used here, furigana are included to aid recognition. If using Firefox/GoogleChrome/Opera, I recommend installing this HTML Ruby plugin. It renders furigana in a more pleasing way (Above the kanji, rather than after it in parentheses).

Kana transliteration exercises

I've written a tool for practicing hiragana and katakana. It is helpful for producing printouts to do on the train and also provides automatic marking when used from a computer, but this is only useful in "recognition" modes.

Sentence translation exercises

Time and date exercises

Useful resources

Useful resources for CDL410-09

Lesson slides

Are avaliable here.

NOCN information

Assessment information for: