Japanese input under Windows XP

I've only tried this with XP pro, since I do not have access to "Home" edition.

Installing the Japanese input method

As part of the installation, you may require the windows XP CD shipped with your computer.
  1. Open control panel:
  2. Open the "Language options"
  3. Ensuring the "Languages" tab is selected, select "Install files for East Asian languages":
  4. Press OK to the resulting message:
  5. Click Apply:
  6. If prompted, insert the windows XP CD
  7. Watch windows install stuff:
  8. Click the "Details" button in the "Text services and input languages" section of the "Languages" tab:
  9. Click the "Add" button in the "Installed services" section:
  10. Select "Japanese" from the "Input language" list. The "Keyboard layout/IME" box will automatically say something like "Microsoft IME Standard 2002 ver. 8.1". Click OK:
  11. Click on the "Advanced" tab of the "Text Services and Input Languages" window.
  12. Select "Extend support of advanced text services to all programs" in the "Compatibility Configuration"
  13. Click OK; You will be prompted to restart the computer:

Using the Japanese input method

Remember, Windows keeps track of the language and settings per window Ie, you may have one window in Japanese input language, and another in English input language. However, when two windows are in Japanese
	input language, different windows may have different input modes (eg, Direct and Hiragana) -- see later.

Start notepad

The language currently in use is denoted by the task bar icon example input language task bar
	icon. Assuming the rest of the instructions have been followed, the current language is assumed to be English input language -- any input in notepad will be in English

To switch to using the Japanese input method
Ensuring that Notepad is remains selected as the active window, left-click on the language icon in the task bar and select Japanese:
Selecting Hiragana input mode
Any input will still be in English, to change this, left-click on the language icon in the task bar and select "Show the Language bar":

The language bar will appear:

The language bar shows that the current input mode is "Direct Input" (). This allows one to type English (even though Japanese input language is in use).

To switch to Roomaji Input, left-click "Input Mode" and select "Hiragana" ().

Any text now input will be interpreted as Roomaji.

Using Hiragana input mode
  1. Start typing "nihonngo" -- each mora will be replaced with Hiragana:
  2. Press space; this will choose the most likely Kanji to replace the Hiragana:
  3. Continue typing "desu.":
  4. Press enter; this will accept the current Hiragana as is.
In step 1, "nihonngo" was turned into the Kanji we wanted, however, sometimes the input method doesn't select what we intended. A menu can be used to select the intended representation.

  1. Type "kikimasu":
  2. Press space:
    This has selected the Kanji for: to hear / to listen / to ask ()
  3. Obtain other homonyms by pressing space again:

    To pick another choice from the list, use the arrow keys or press a number. Once chosen, either carry on typing or press enter.

Typing in Katakana
Often, when pressing space twice, one of the options will be the word in Katakana. However, one may also just press F7 and either carry on typing the next word, or press enter.
Why is the text underlined?
Some keyboard short-cuts

Other bits

Minimising the language bar
Personally, I'd find the big long language bar irritating. Fortunately it can be minimised. With the input language set to Japanese input
	language, right click on the Japanese input language button and select "Minimize".
The task bar then shows:
Hiding the keyboard icon
One may also hide the "keyboard" icon by left clicking on the (red) "input style" button and selecting "hide keyboard":
, or,
Making Japanese input the default

I'd only do this if you make extensive use of the Japanese Input Method

Since you can type English using the "direct input mode" when the "Japanese input language" is selected, it is possible to select the "Japanese input language" as the system default.
Removing other input languages

I'd only do this if you make extensive use of the Japanese Input Method

It is even possible to remove the the "English input language" and just use the "Japanese input language".